Skyworth LCD "crystal eagle plan" launch ceremony and "innovative thinking" training

Column:Company news Time:2019-03-30
Following the "dragon" culture of skyworth college, skyworth LCD has launched the "crystal eagle plan", which is an elite growth and training plan for the management of LCD.

Following the "dragon" culture of skyworth college, skyworth LCD has launched the "crystal eagle plan", which is an elite growth and training plan for the management of LCD. On March 30, 2019, the launch ceremony was held in skyworth college, and the first phase of training with the theme of "innovative thinking" was held. A total of 35 management cadres of the company participated in the training.

The eagle symbolizes freedom, strength, valor and victory. The eagle wanders from the high air to seek and find the prey, swoops down with the fastest speed, and grabs the prey with powerful claws. It is the spirit of the eagle to know the target and attack it with great speed. "Eagle" has the same pronunciation with "ying", which means that the management team is an elite team of LCD, and it is hoped that this team can be as targeted and fast as the eagle through training.

Xu mingyue, director of human resources administration department, introduced "jingying plan" from four aspects: course introduction, training discipline, assessment standard and target plan. General manager tang bangwen said in the conclusion: success is equal to thinking mode times enthusiasm times ability. The way we think determines our perspective, height and depth, and is also the key factor to determine whether we can succeed. The company must have a completely new level of change, which requires us to jump out of the existing thinking mode, continuous innovation and change, in order to adapt to the ever-changing market environment. We should not only bow to work, but also look up to the sky. As the intermediate link of the company, middle and senior management cadres should not only lead a winning team, but also pay close attention to the market and provide support for decision-making. Therefore, this management cadre training plan is carried out to unify the goals of the whole company, improve the operational ability of the management team, and make the company go further and stronger.

The theme of the first training is "innovative thinking", one of the core values of the enterprise. Liu chengxi, an external professional lecturer, was invited to give a lecture. Liu in combination with its own rich experience in training, analyzes why innovation, how to innovate and how to cultivate creative thinking, from two aspects of understanding habits and mind-set, experience prejudice and mind-set, break through the boundary, break the shackles, break the bondage of habit, out of boundaries to think, analyze and solve problems. This paper introduces two kinds of brainstorming methods, namely direct brainstorming method, questioning brainstorming method, and forced association-focus method, and analyzes the necessity and four procedures of innovation management.

"Plan crystal eagle" through a series of training management cadre's management skills, strengthen the consciousness of innovation, enhance the sense of crisis and the general situation consciousness, learn how can lead the team to better combat, hope management cadre can effectively apply the theoretical knowledge to practical management work, for enterprise operation and development of power, so as to realize win-win company, team and individual.